When I found AABHE, I found my people. It is an honor to be of a part to this community and I will continue to do so as a servant-leader, educator, and researcher.

2024 Presentation— BRACE For Impact: Fighting the Battle Against Equity

BRACE For Impact™ is an immersive tool that centers Belonging, Racial Access, Historical Context, and Racial Equity in educational programming; it lies at the intersection of education and economic opportunity. Using an educational philosophy that amplifies grit, growth mindset, and resilience as products of an entrepreneurial mindset, this becomes our weapon in fighting the battle against equity and it can be applied to educational attainment and career readiness goals of IHE’s across the country.

2023 Presentation—A Light on the Path

Presented by Professor Hanif Omar and Ms. Qyana M. Stewart




Dr. LaTanya White

Black Wealth Futurist™, CEO & Founder—Concept Creative Group, LLC


Dr. LaTanya White is a trailblazing scholar-practitioner operating at the nexus of global competitiveness, equity, entrepreneurship curriculum design, and the racial wealth gap. With a career marked by coaching and consulting over 1,000 socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs, Dr. White is a 2-time author, TEDx Speaker, and the founder of Concept Creative Group, LLC, a firm dedicated to business development, capacity building, and the pioneering concept of Dynastic Wealth™.

Driven by her graduate studies at Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change, her doctoral research on intergenerational wealth transfer and Black business families has given rise to an evidence-based entrepreneurship training model. Dynastic Wealth™, as conceptualized by Dr. White, offers a comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship that nurtures both quantitative and qualitative forms of wealth, all through the lens of racial equity. Her groundbreaking model not only informs entrepreneurship education research but calls for a redesign of curricula, ensuring a more equitable approach to fostering entrepreneurial success in marginalized communities. Discover more about Dr. White’s pioneering work in racial equity and entrepreneurship training at https://meetdrwhite.com/research.

Dr. LaTanya White is an inclusive scholar-practitioner working at the intersection of racial equity and entrepreneurship curriculum design. Her doctoral research produced an evidence-based, comprehensive approach to redesigning business development training programs to account for the lived experience and ancestral narrative of Black entrepreneurs.

Dr. White, a 2x author and TEDx speaker, is the Founder and Principal Consultant for Concept Creative Group (CCG), a firm providing end-to-end technical assistance expertise for Black entrepreneurs. CCG’s flagship program BRACE For Impact™ centers Belonging, Racial Access, Historical Context, and Racial Equity for Black entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them in their pursuit of economic justice and equality.