Hey Dreamer!

Thank you for your interest in traveling Business Class to Becoming FEARLESS!

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions I’ve gotten about this exclusive business coaching event. Don’t see your question? Email me at professor@meetdrwhite.com.


What should I expect if selected to attend Business Class?

If you are selected to attend Business Class, here’s what to expect:

  • During the first morning session, we will work on exercises that will help us unpack our core identity. Who you are informs who your brand is.
  • Next we will explore what resistance you may have to changing your approach which should now be an authentic reflection of your core identity and your core values.
  • Lunch (included) will give everyone some time to decompress and prepare to dive into the business operations structure.
  • For the last leg of the flight, and after overcoming your resistance to change, we will map out what it will take replace your current income with your business revenue through strategic pricing.

What is the location for Business Class?

Business Class is an exclusive, limited seating event and the location will be shared with those selected to attend by May 5th. Tickets must be purchased within 3 business days to reserve your seat or it will be released.

What is the cost to travel Business Class?

The retail value of attending Business Class is $149 but I am issuing vouchers for those selected to attend to bring the cost down to $67!

Why am I doing this? Because I tired of standing by, watching you let the Dream Killers win.

Yay! I was accepted!! How do I reserve my seat?

Congratulations!!!!! Click here to reserve your seat for Business Class!