BFAOS Work Products and Outcomes Outline

Becoming FEARLESS is a wholistic business and personal development process; it has a growth mindset orientation and is an iterative process. In other words, the more we learn, the more we apply, the more we learn. Each work product must include each aspect of the Becoming FEARLESS process. 

Foundation: Why is there a need for this work product? What problem does it address and how will it be used to move the organization forward?

Evaluation: What are the resources required to complete this product? Address the human, financial, intellectual, physical and time resources needed.

Analysis: What are your assumptions about the problem at hand? What do you think caused it and what are its implied impacts on other parts of the organization and the external environment? 

Retraining: What solutions currently exist to address the problem? What are the opportunities to address the problem in a way that has not been done before?

Leverage: What can we apply the Pareto Principle (the 80-20 rule) to this solution/work product, where we input 20% of our resources to produce no less than 80% of the output we need?

Efficient Systems: How will this solution operate efficiently? What is the process by which that should be done each and every time? Are there any exceptions? If so, what might those exceptions be and how to operate when there might be an except- what is the Plan B?

Sustainability: What is the timeline that we can expect this solution to remain relevant? How do you support that estimate and how should we anticipate 1-3 years beyond that estimate?