Hey, I know you!!

You are a Dreamer. A Doer. A Change Maker.

You are…


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So what would it take for you to go to the next level with this idea? Are you too busy? Not enough money?

Or are you feeling a little scared and doubting yourself?

Can I say something?…it would be just plain wrong plain for you to not explore (not even just a little bit) what it would be like to actually live the dream to gives you life.

Become FEARLESS Today!

“That doubt…that fear…those are dream killers.”

~ Prof. LaTanya White


And I can only say this because I understand.

The story that got me on the journey to entrepreneurship is different from the story that got me on the path to Becoming FEARLESS.

I write all about it in my first book by the same title but long story short, after you have had your husband call the police on you hoping you would be escorted out of your own house, have had to park your car at other people’s houses so that it doesn’t get repossessed and spend 38 years of your life thinking your father was the man whose last name you have…when you can live through that, there isn’t a whole lot that can scare you anymore. And that’s my story.

That is how I started on the path to Becoming FEARLESS. That is why I am launching Become FEARLESS Today, a resource and referral network for multi-passionate, melaninated women business owners.

Through this network, I guarantee that I will do everything within the scope of my expertise to navigate you from this place of confusion, fear, and insecurity. Even if you are only a little bit ready for this adventure, we will create your personalized itinerary to your destination: Clarity, Competence, and Confidence.