BRACE For Impact™ is an immersive experience that centers Belonging, Racial Access, Historical Context, and Racial Equity for Black families and the organizations that support them in their pursuit of economic justice and equality.

There are several partnership opportunities to add BRACE For Impact™ to your existing programming, ranging from self-directed learning materials, keynote speeches, roundtable facilitation, interactive workshops and long term engagements. 

Immersive Experiences are designed for an 8-12 week timeframe and have a minimum level of engagement (MLOE) of $10K. 

To be sure, the full scope of BRACE offerings is best delivered over the course of an entire academic or calendar year. The investment for BRACE has an MLOE of $50K.

Partner with BRACE For Impact™ and Amplify Your Efforts!

BRACE For Impact™ Overview by LaTanya White, Ph.D., M.B.A.