The Buffalo Entrepreneurship Ecosystem is committed to equity in entrepreneurship. In conjunction with the annual Panasci Tech Competition, the University at Buffalo LaunchPad team, lead by its director Hadar Borden spear-headed a much-needed and action-oriented conversation around racial equity in entrepreneurship spaces. BuffaloInno and University at Buffalo Communications cover the events featuring Dr. White as the competition’s keynote speaker and community roundtable facilitator.

Buffalo Ecosystem Roundtable

As we emerge from the past two years, the Buffalo ecosystem is expanding with new initiatives, new leaders, and with are laser-focused on developing an inclusive entrepreneurial community for all.

Join Blackstone LaunchPad-University at Buffalo and representatives across the Western New York entrepreneurial ecosystem for a roundtable experience led by Dr. LaTanya White, a racial equity and entrepreneurship educator.

Dr. White is a Fulbright Specialist in Education and Business Administration. She developed the BRACE for Impact™ experience to address Belonging, Racial Awareness, Centering, and Equity across entrepreneurship ecosystems and she is facilitating this conversation for the Buffalo community. Join Dr. White at The Exchange at Beverly Gray located at 334 E. Utica Street, Buffalo, NY on Thursday, April 21st from 9:00-11:30 am. RSVP to Hadar Borden, Director of Blackstone LaunchPad- University at Buffalo, via email at

Together we will:

  • Explore the Black entrepreneurial experience;
  • Discuss immunity to change; and
  • Invite you to pitch your organization and identify an ask of the community.