BSN Attendees, Connect with Dr. LaTanya White

Hey Fam!!!

As the Principal Consultant and Founder of Concept Creative Group, I am responsible for creating immersive experiences that center Belonging, Racial Access, Historical Context, and Racial Equity for Black entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them in their pursuit of economic equality.  Through my work and research on wealth transfer in Black business families, I am driven by helping Black entrepreneurs build Dynastic Wealth™ so their grandchildren’s grandchildren won’t have to worry about money.

Make sure to save the date and get on the waitlist to register for the inaugural Dynastic Wealth™ Family Retreat! It’s the ONLY conference geared towards helping Black entrepreneurs and their families learn how to TRANSFER wealth. It’s happening Juneteenth Weekend (June 16-19th, 2023) in Washington, DC!

P.S. My dissertation on Black entrepreneurship and the racial wealth gap is publicly available for download!