Hey Fam! Thanks for being a CH connect!!

This where I keep all things Clubhouse- from notes, club meeting schedules, links to my favorites rooms, the Clubhouse In The Classroom calendar, and even my BMC link!

My hope is that this page makes your CH experience even more impactful and with that I want to thank you for allowing me to be of service!

~ LaTanya

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Clubhouse Notes

The conversations, knowledge, and free game that you can find on Clubhouse has been blowing my mind!! I know I’m not alone! Lol!

After my first week on the app, I literally had to set a day aside to join the Productivity Room on Clubhouse to just download everything I had learned and fully process it. That day, I was not going to go into another room before I had created a plan of action to implement 1-2 things that I had gleaned. 

That action alone helped me get so much more traction in building my daughter’s dynasty. 

I only ask that you consider giving yourself the same time, space, and opportunity :). 


Clubhouse In The Classroom

If you’ve found your way to this section of my site- GOD BLESS YOU!

You and I may have talked about the struggles I have felt as an educator and the imposter syndrome I had before I got on CH. What CH taught me (shout out to Shelly Bell for helping me see the light!) is that I have been talking in the wrong rooms for the past decade. What I do know for sure is that my purpose in life is to serve Black and African American creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs through my expertise, insight, and relationships. The pandemic also demonstrated to me that this service should not necessarily have an academic impact. 

So here we are- you willing to impart your knowledge with Gen Z and me, walking in my purpose by making it happen- aye!

My Calendly site is embedded below- please book yourself in for a time that works for your schedule! Thank you for being of service!!!

Buy Me A Coffee

Listen, as you might know by now, I consider it an honor to be of service to you as an expert in Black business dynasties….but I’m not going to block your blessing by declining your offer to monetarily express your gratitude! Lol!

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