So Much to Celebrate!!

I decided to bring my talents to the DMV when I realized how deeply meaningful my connections in the area were. Besides the excitement that I felt as I learned about opportunities to establish my work, research, and impact around racial equity, I felt a deep sense of purpose and connection to my circle there. And I wanted to celebrate that with the people that helped me like I was where I belonged.

From sorority sisters to former students, friendships that I made seemingly overnight, and future collaborators, we all connected on so many different levels! The question came up over and over again- “What are we celebrating?”

The answer will ever only be that we are celebrating each other…all that we have each lived through and all that we have to offer the world because of it!

Click the image below to see how our connections were captured. Download any of the photos that you love for your own use.

Many thanks to Know Better Productionz for capturing our story!

Know Better Productionz

How It Started….