Professor LaTanya White

Professor LaTanya White

Ph.D. Candidate, Antioch University Graduate School of Leadership and Change

Professor LaTanya White is a 2x author, TEDx Speaker, and entrepreneurship educator. Professor White is an expert in the intersection of the racial wealth gap and Black entrepreneurship.

As a result of her doctoral research on entrepreneurial dynasties and 11 years’ experience teaching entrepreneurship to more than 600 students at a prominent HBCU, she has developed an evidence-based model for building wealth that has three times more power to create wealth equality for Black families and communities through an entrepreneurship training curriculum that centers the Black entrepreneurial experience.

Through Dynastic Wealth™ we can build Black business dynasties so our grandchildren’s grandchildren don’t have to worry about money!

Title: Dynastic and Generative Intent for First-Generation Black Wealth Creators in a Modern Racial Enclave Economy


Professor White’s dissertation study explores the underlying causes of the racial wealth gap between Black and White Americans: the absence of intergenerational wealth transfers in Black business families. As American wealth becomes concentrated into fewer and fewer hands, the data reveals that one-third of the 400 wealthiest Americans inherited their wealth from the entrepreneurial endeavors of earlier generations in their family, some creating entrepreneurial dynasties.

An indelible aspect of dynastic intent and succession planning is the construct of generativity. Generativity is practiced through leading, nurturing, promoting, and teaching the next generation to create things that “move down the generational chain and connect to a future” (Kotre, 1996). There is little research that informs us about the generative intent of Black entrepreneurs. First-generation Black wealth creators (G1-BWC) operating in the beauty industry with dynastic and generative intent were the target population for this study.

Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) determined that the paradigmatic ethos and frame of mind that developed from the lived experience of the study participants included A Celebration of Blackness, Black Mothers- A Guiding Light, Destined for Purposed Work, Our Health- Our Wealth, and You Can’t Pay It Back.

The themes that emerged from the analysis imply that entrepreneurial education and training for first-generation Black entrepreneurs with dynastic intent must contextualize the Black entrepreneurial experience. 

Dynastic Wealth™ is a model for wealth-building the encompasses the lived experience and ancestral narrative of Black and African American entrepreneurs. It is a comprehensive approach to the entrepreneurial training process that has been contextualized for the Black entrepreneurial experience and is designed through a lens of racial equity.

Dissertation Title: Dynastic and Generative Intent for First-Generation Black Wealth Creators in a Modern Racial Enclave Economy

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