What is Dynastic Wealth™?

If you are a First-Generation Black Wealth Creator™, then your family won’t reach dynastic status until your grandchildren control the business and/or the wealth that you are building.

Join the Dynastic Wealth™ community to learn how to create and transfer wealth…so your grandchildren’s grandchildren won’t have to worry about money!

Meet Dr. White on Blavity!

Dr. White was invited to speak on a Blavity panel about HBCUs and Entrepreneurship. Click here to check out what she had to share!

Setting The Stage For HBCU Success – Beyond The Yard: HBCUs Driving Real Change For Our Communities

Blavity in partnership with MTN Dew led a dynamic conversation around the transformative power of the HBCU experience and how they are setting up entrepreneurs for success through economic partnerships and resources. The panel was composed of leadership throughout the HBCU ecosystem that are driving initiatives, tackling systemic barriers, and creating opportunities for entrepreneurial success for students.

Listen to a clip from Dr. White on the pathways to entrepreneurship:


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Dynastic Wealth Is Your Birthright…

…just like it is for Sparrow.

Let’s not sugar coat this idea about building Black wealth that can move down the generational chain. In fact, if you are a first-generation Black wealth creator, your family won’t reach dynastic status until your grandchildren are in control of either the wealth that you are creating or the business that you are building.

Depending on how old you are and whether or not you have children now, that could take anywhere from 15 to 50 years from now.

But there is work that we need to do TODAY so that is why Dr. White created the 28 Day Build Your Dynasty email challenge. Every day for 28 days, you will receive an email from Dr. White telling you exactly what you need to do THAT DAY to put the systems in place to build Dynastic Wealth.

Being Black in America is a challenge all by itself but to be poor and Black in America is something that we can undo with the right steps.

About Dr. LaTanya White

Dr. LaTanya White is an entrepreneur, Certified Business Analyst, and doctoral candidate studying the racial wealth gap and entrepreneurial dynasties. In her role as an entrepreneurship educator and business development strategist, she advocates that Black entrepreneurs build dynastic wealth, characterized by cultivating the five forms of capital that are essential for intergenerational wealth transfer.

Dr. White is building Sparrow’s dynasty.

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Professor LaTanya White
Professor White and Daughter, Sparrow

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