Most people think that generational wealth is going to be the game changer for Black entrepreneurs and their families. The truth is, our high net worth (HNW) and ultra-high-networth (UHNW) counterparts are not focused on transferring financial wealth to the next generation—they are building entrepreneurial dynasties. They are building dynasties that focus on FIVE forms of wealth being transferred to the next THREE generations. Let’s use this year to prepare to go beyond generational wealth: let’s start Building Black Dynasties to make sure our grandchildren’s grandchildren don’t have to worry about money!

At the inaugural Dynastic Wealth™ Family Retreat, you and your family will learn how to beyond generational wealth learn the practical, tacit steps you should be taking to Build Your Dynasty. 

    • The inaugural is foundation-focused and will center on Spiritual Wealth and the Wealth of Knowledge:
      • Developing your family identity
      • Establishing your family values
      • Communicating your family’s vision for wealth
      • Determining how the family bank will be funded
      • Identifying the leadership council of the family trust
      • Deciding on the governance structure of the family trust
      • Documenting all these to create your family constitution
      • Capturing your family genealogy
      • Conducting a family oral history
      • Categorizing the passions, skills, and abilities (PSAs) in your family
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Dr. LaTanya White, an expert in racial equity, entrepreneurship, and Black wealth transfer, developed the Dynastic Wealth™ Family Retreat to help Black entrepreneurs and their families learn and apply the principles of Building Black Dynasties, including the five forms of wealth needed to create more favorable economic conditions for the next THREE generations.

Dr. LaTanya White is the recipient of the North Star award for entrepreneurship education and research. She is an expert in belonging, racial equity, and entrepreneurship. As a result of her leadership and impact in this area, Dr. White was recognized by the U.S. Department of State as a Fulbright Specialist. She helps Black entrepreneurs and their families go beyond generational wealth to build Dynastic Wealth™….so their grandchildren’s grandchildren don’t have to worry about money.