The driving force behind Florida A&M University (FAMU) School of Business and Industry’s (SBI) 10th Global Leadership Conference (GLC) is to bridge the gap between recent graduates, middle managers, seasoned corporate executives and successful entrepreneurs. This year’s conference theme is “Embracing Change and Transformation for Sustainable Success.” All conference sessions center around this theme and our mission to develop new and expand existing creative partnerships with alumni, private, and public stakeholders to maintain the relevance and currency of our academic programs.

Dr. White, a product of SBI’s 5-Year Master of Business Administration Program and former faculty member, served as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the event. She also opened the conference with a brief talk on Embracing Dynastic Transformations, sharing with the audience how the generative transfer of knowledge they will experience at the conference can—and should be—the foundation of their own Dynastic Wealth™.