Are you a Black woman in business struggling to experience the lifestyle you thought your business would create for you and your family?


Are you tired of having nightmares about money?


Exhausted with the internal debate about whether to continue with this business or not?

We know that doing this work brings you absolute joy but….


It’s draining you financially and energetically


It’s taking up more of your time than you have to give 


It’s not adding to your quality of life or the lifestyle you want to live


It’s not bringing in the money you need so you can you leave that soul-crushing job you have to go to every day


And this means you end up having nightmares about money!

Where Is The Lie?!

As a Black woman, so many layers of your identity have revolved around the kitchen sink, right?

  • Mama washing your hair in the kitchen sink the day before the first day of school
  • Snapping pole beans with auntie getting ready for Sunday dinner
  • Those damn dishes that nobody but you ever washes
  • And we can’t forget everything you carry around in that heavy purse of yours: everything but the kitchen sink!

Catering to all these parts of who you are- daughter, sister, mom, wife, friend- rarely leaves you time to build your business or your identity as a businesswoman.

Few people in these other parts of your life understand that part of who you are. They ask you, laughing, “What do you call yourself doing with this so-called business you are working on?”, “If you start this idea, when are you going to ever have time for me?” and “Just where to plan to get the money you will need for this?”

As innocent as they may seem, they trigger doubt, fear, and insecurity.

All of a sudden, you find yourself paralyzed at the kitchen sink, crying into the lukewarm dishwater where no one can hear your tears fall because all the ideas and excitement you want to share falls on deaf ears. 


But not at the Kitchen Sink Retreat!

At the Kitchen Sink Retreat, you will find yourself surrounded by other Black women in business, guided by an award-winning thought leader on the Black woman’s entrepreneurial journey, Professor LaTanya White. 

KSR is a safe place for you to talk about:

  • Your doubts, fears, and insecurities about being a Black woman in business
  • Your vision for your business and your goals if you were FEARLESS
  • Your challenges, obstacles, and questions about managing all your identities as a mom, daughter, employee, sister-friend and business owner and
  • ….everything including the kitchen sink!

Attend the Kitchen Sink Retreat, May 3-5, 2019 in sunny Central Florida!

If this sounds like what you need to grow your business right now, then what are you waiting for?

You’re probably saying to yourself…

“That’s cute sis but I have girlfriends I can do that with already.”


Okay, that’s fair…but have those girlfriends 

  • Published two books?
  • Worked as a University entrepreneurship instructor for the last 8 years?
  • Served as a Certified Business Analyst for the Small Business Development Center?
  • Been featured in Essence magazine, Sirius XM Radio or media platforms?
  • Conducted long-term research on Black women and entrepreneurial identity?

If you can’t currently tap into brainpower like that to move your business forward, then you need to be at the Kitchen Sink Retreat

Apply to attend the Kitchen Sink Retreat by March 31st! Get your systems designed with the insight and expertise you need to be confident that you are going in the right direction!

Get the time freedom you deserve!








Are you ready to stop having nightmares about money?

This project is specifically designed to provide Black women business owners with:

  • Professional guidance to create and implement strategic opportunities
  • Insight on how to strengthen profits and improve cash flow
  • More than just business advice but includes holistic coaching to enhance overall well-being
  • Additional woman-power to get the right things done at the right time


Get Your Chief Operations Officer Today!

Professor LaTanya White

Professor LaTanya White

Your Chief Operations Officer

If your application is selected, our FEARLESS leader, Professor LaTanya White, an award-winning business coach, entrepreneurship educator and Black economic empowerment advocate, will be your lead COO.

Professor White has more than 20 years of experience in Business Development, Direct Response Marketing, Professional Sales, and Strategic Pricing. When you apply to the BFT Virtual COO project services, you get to tap into her contact database, expertise, and resources for your own business. 

And for a limited time, this is available AT NO COST to you- click the button below to get your applicatioProfessor White and the BFT Krewe will be in lock-step with you and your business for 5-6 weeks over the course of the project so please do not apply if you are not able to make that kind of commitment. She currently is only able to interview 20 applicants for the program so let’s get started today!n process started! 

I’m ready to bring Professor White in to help my business!