If you are serious about starting or growing a thriving business the edifies you, validates you and helps you walk in your purpose but you just don’t know where to start, the 

Becoming FEARLESS MasterMind

Might be the compass you need to successfully navigate your entrepreneurial journey!


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Got Questions?

I (hope) I have the answers! Check out some of the frequently asked questions about the Becoming FEARLESS Mastermind below!

What Is a MasterMind Group?

A mastermind group helps to accelerate your learning, growth and implementation of any idea or project by being in a collaborative and supportive community cheering for your success.

How will this help me?

Entrepreneurs, innovators and change agents can sometimes be the loneliest people on the planet. Very few people understand how big your vision is and you may find yourself having to ‘tone down’ your excitement because the people closest to you just can’t see what you are trying to create.

The Becoming FEARLESS MasterMind eliminates all of that by creating a community of other multicultural women who know how to meet your needs and encourage your big, scary dream because they need the same support.

What if someone in the group steals my ideas?

That is a valid question!

I hate to break this to you but…don’t nobody want your ideas but you! Lol!

Think about it: You most likely work full-time, have a very active household calendar, are involved in your church and community and are scrounging for time to implement these ideas yourself.

The other women selected to participate (yes, hand-picked) in BFM have similar lifestyles and truly don’t have time to implement any business ideas that aren’t their own.

How is the mastermind structured?

BFM will meet for 45-60 minutes each week via Zoom. The material that we cover each week will be based on a proven business development process, the Becoming FEARLESS Business Development Process, that I have developed and tested over 5 years with more than 300 students and clients.

Members of the Becoming FEARLESS MasterMind will have access to the many components of the business development process and our weekly meetings will focus on your implementation of those components.

You can also look forward to Q&A sessions, Hot Seats with Professor White where we take a deep dive to unpack your specific business challenge and built-in accountability as a member of the Becoming FEARLESS MasterMind.

When will the group meet? What if I have to miss a call?

Because we are all working full-time (myself included), our weekly meetings will be scheduled beginning at 6 pm EDT. You will be able to select from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening meetings at either 6 pm EDT, 7 pm EDT or 8 pm EDT.

The calls will be recorded and you will always be able to access the recordings for as long as your membership in the mastermind group is active.

How much does the mastermind cost?

The Becoming FEARLESS Mastermind is an investment (that is something that I will teach you about- the difference between an expense and an investment). 

You will be investing your personal, professional and business growth by tapping into the business development expertise that I have gathered over the last 20+ years.

From professional sales to hospitality to public speaking and higher education, you have no ‘No Questions Asked’ Money Back Guarantee on your monthly investment of $199. You will be billed at the beginning of the month that you join (or at the appropriate pro-rated amount of $46.27 per week enrolled). 

If at any point, you decide that the Becoming FEARLESS MasterMind is not accelerating your growth, just shoot me an email and we will take you off the roll and make sure that you are no longer billed. 

Perf! Where do I sign up?

Whoa Kimosabi!

Let’s make sure this is a good fit for both of us lol!

While I pride myself on being able to serve and support women of color entrepreneurs (WOCE), after 9 years in higher education, I have learned who I am best able to serve. Check out the list below and, if that sounds like you, I’ll take you to the next step!

We are a good fit to work together if you are:

  • …more fed up than fearful,
  • ….open-minded and have a growth mindset, AND
  • …ready and willing to implement changes to protect your time

In other words, if the thought of your big, scary dream coming true is overwhelming; if you think the only way to do something is the way that you see everyone else doing it; AND you let people take advantage of your giving heart, then we aren’t ready for each other.

(If that is this case for you, then I would suggest you start with an Identity Coaching session first.)

Sound like you? Yay!!

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