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Dreamers, Doers and Change Makers voyage from near and far to seek out your expertise, insight, and advice about the journey of self-discovery they want to embark on. Professor LaTanya White’s Becoming FEARLESS coaching model and Become FEARLESS Today, a resource and referral network for multi-passionate, melaninated women, is the map your audience has been wandering around without. Becoming FEARLESS is their passport to generational wealth, entrepreneurial identity and economic independence. You are their sherpa. Prof. White is your partner on their journey….because we shouldn’t let the Dream Killers win.
Professor LaTanya White

Professor LaTanya White

Growth Mindset Coach; Minority Business Development Expert


Professor LaTanya White is a growth mindset business coach for multicultural women and minority entrepreneurs.  She helps them navigate through their confusion, fear, and insecurity to a place of clarity, confidence, and competence on their journey to Becoming FEARLESS- her proprietary (and wholistic) business development process.

Professor White has been featured in several media outlets including, Essence Magazine, Florida A&M University magazine, and SiriusXM Radio.

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