Work with dr. white and Start Funding Generational Excellence 

There are a few options to work Dr. White to learn how you can begin Funding Generational Excellence (FGE). Dynastic Wealth™ is the key.

FGE resources are the ONLY evidence-based resources that account for the entire continuum of the Black entrepreneurial journey—from mindset and identity, to technical assistance, to strategic wealth planning and wealth transfer. 

Rewrite the narrative!

Standard Packages

Monthly Business Mentoring

Group Mentoring with Other Black Entrepreneurs
  • This business mentoring program will include video training lessons, live Q&A calls and discounts on 1-1 Coaching Sessions! Send an email to to get added to the waitlist!!

Want to get the whole family involved?

Schedule your Family Dynastic Wealth™ Breakthrough Session Now!

Instead of spending your time and energy worrying about generational curses, work with Dr. LaTanya White, entrepreneurship educator and Dynastic Wealth™ Strategist, to write a new story about generational excellence in your family.
Working with Dr. White, you and your family will:
  • Learn what Spiritual Wealth is and how to establish it
  • Understand the best ways to record the Wealth of Knowledge in your bloodline
  • Embrace new ideas to invest in Intellectual Wealth for every member
  • Be exposed to the advantages of establishing Relational Wealth, making it easier for future generations to succeed
  • Discuss pathways to create the Financial Wealth needed to Build Your Dynasty™
Dynastic Wealth™ ensures that your grandchildren’s grandchildren won’t have to worry about money! Sign up for a breakthrough session to get your family’s Dynastic Wealth™ Plan designed today! 

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