Dynastic Wealth

Driven by her graduate studies at Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change, Dr. White’s doctoral research on intergenerational wealth transfer and business families has given rise to an evidence-based entrepreneurship training model that has been leveraged in entrepreneurship ecosystems around the globe.

Dynastic Wealth offers a comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship that nurtures both quantitative and qualitative forms of wealth, all through the lens of racial equity. Her groundbreaking model not only informs entrepreneurship education research but calls for a redesign of curricula, ensuring a more equitable approach to fostering entrepreneurial success in marginalized communities. Explore ways to work with Dr. White to build, measure, and advance equity in your entrepreneurship ecosystem. 


Unlock your entrepreneurial potential with Dr. LaTanya White, a visionary scholar-practitioner committed to fostering global competitiveness and equity. Dive into her transformative workshops designed for socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs. With Dr. White’s expert guidance, explore the nuances of entrepreneurship curriculum design, navigate the complexities of the racial wealth gap, and embark on a journey to intergenerational wealth transfer.


Elevate your organizational knowledge with tailored research services offered by Dr. LaTanya White. As a trailblazer in the intersection of entrepreneurship, racial equity, and global competitiveness, Dr. White brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to commissioned research projects. Specializing in the dynamics of the racial wealth gap and intergenerational wealth transfer within Black business families, her research is not just data-driven but deeply informed by real-world entrepreneurial challenges and solutions.


Redefine your policy strategy and unlock new growth avenues with the guidance of Dr. LaTanya White, a distinguished scholar-practitioner in entrepreneurship and racial equity. Through her policy advisory services, Dr. White offers personalized consultations and strategic frameworks that reflect her innovative concept of Dynastic Wealth. By partnering with Dr. White, your agency will gain access to her groundbreaking methodologies, tailored to foster long-term wealth creation and business success, especially for marginalized communities.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats


Learn more about Dr. White’s pioneering work and how racial equity in entrepreneurship training creates a rising tide that lifts all boats.